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Leading with Critical Thinking


It’s not an exaggeration to say that the quality of your life largely depends on the quality of the decisions you make.

Amazingly, the average person makes 35,000 conscious decisions every day! 

Imagine how much better things could be if there was a tool that ensured you were making the best possible decisions, day in and day out?

Well, there is and it’s called critical thinking.

Learning to master the skills of critical thinking can have a profound impact on nearly every aspect of your life.

Workshop Objectives

Understand the components of critical thinking

·     Utilize non-linear thinking

·     Use logical thinking

·     Recognize what it means to be a critical thinker

·     Evaluate information using critical thinking skills

·     Identify the benefits of critical thinking

·     Revise perspective, when necessary

·     Comprehend problem solving abilities

Pre-Assignment Review:
The purpose of the Pre-Assignment is to get participants thinking about critical thinking. What are some characteristics you see in a leader with critical thinking? What are you most impressed about them?

Target audience:

All Leaders and Potential Leaders

Course Outline

Module 1: Components of Critical Thinking 

Applying Reason

Open Mindedness




Module 2: Non-Linear Thinking

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Don’t Jump to Conclusions

Expect and Initiate Change

Being Ready to Adapt


Module 3: Logical Thinking

Ask the Right Questions

Organise the Data

Evaluate the Information

Draw Conclusions


Module 4: Critical Thinkers (I)

Active Listening

Be Curious 

Be Disciplined

Be Humble


Module 5: Critical Thinkers (II)

Seeing the Big Picture


Using Your Emotions

Being Self-Aware


Module 6: Evaluate the Information

Making Assumptions

Watch out for the Bias

Ask Clarifying Questions

SWOT Analysis


Module 7: Benefits of Critical Thinking 

Being More Persuasive

Better Communication

Better Problem Solving 

Increased Emotional Intelligence


Module 8: Changing Your Perspective

Limitations of Your Point of View

Considering Others Viewpoint

Influences on Bias

When New Information Arrives


Module 9:Problem Solving

Identify Inconsistencies

Trust Your Instincts

Asking Why

Evaluate the Solution(s)


Module 10: Putting It All Together

Retaining Your New Skills

Reflect and Learn From Mistakes

Always Ask Questions 

Practicing Critical Thinking


Module 11: Wrapping Up

Lessons Learned

Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations

Live Workshop: 2 Days (Recommended) or 1Day (Compact)

2 Days (Recommended)

8 pax & above = SGD316/pax

4-7 pax = SGD456/pax

1 Day Compact Workshop

8 pax & above = SGD158/pax

4-7 pax = SGD228/pax

Virtual Classroom:

Full Length: 8 Hours X 2 Days/ 3 Hours X 5 Days + One Hour of Self Directed Work. ($2250 Nett) 

(Max 15 participants)

Compact:    8 Hours X 1 Day/  2.5 Hours X 3 Days + One Hour of Self Directed Work. ($1250 Nett)

(Max 15 participants)

Power Compact: 3 Hours Session / $450 Per session (Max 15 participants)