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Performance Management


Performance Management is not a company’s way of employing “micro-managing” techniques that stunt the professional growth of its employees. But rather, it is a strategic approach to ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization. Whether at the organizational, departmental or employee level, the goal of performance management is to make sure all business goals are being met in a satisfactorily manner.

Workshop Objectives

Research has consistently demonstrated that when clear goals are associated with learning, it occurs more easily and rapidly. 

The objectives for this course are as follows:

  • Define performance management.

  • Understand how performance management works and the tools to make it work.

  • Learn the three phases of performance management and how to assess it.

  • Discuss effective goal-setting.

  • Learn how to give feedback on performance management.

  • Identify Kolb’s Learning Cycle.

  • Recognize the importance of motivation.

  • Develop a performance journal and performance plan.

Target audience:

All Leaders and Leaders to be

Course Outline

Module One: The Basics (I)

What is Performance Management?

How Does Performance Management Work?


Case Study

Case Study II


Module Two: The Basics (II)

Three Phase Process


Performance Reviews

Case Study


Module Three: Goal Setting

SMART Goal Setting

Specific Goals

Measurable Goals

Attainable Goals

Realistic Goals

Timely Goals

Monitoring Results

Case Study


Module Four: Establishing Performance Goals

Strategic Planning

Job Analysis

Setting Goals


Case Study


Module Five: 360 Degree Feedback

What is 360 Degree Feedback?

Vs. Traditional Performance Reviews

The Components

Case Study


Module Six: Competency Assessments

Competency Assessment Defined


Final Destination

Case Study


Module Seven: Kolb's Learning Cycle





Case Study


Module Eight: Motivation

Key Factors

The Motivation Organization

Identifying Personal Motivators

Evaluating and Adapting

Case Study


Module Nine: The Performance Journal

Record Goals and Accomplishments

Linking with Your Employees or Managers

Implementing a Performance Coach

Keeping Track

Case Study


Module Ten: Creating a Performance Plan


Desired Results




Case Study


Module Eleven: Wrapping Up

Words from the Wise

Lessons Learned

Live Workshop: 2 Days (Recommended) or 1Day (Compact)

2 Days (Recommended)

8 pax & above = SGD316/pax

4-7 pax = SGD456/pax

1 Day Compact Workshop

8 pax & above = SGD158/pax

4-7 pax = SGD228/pax

Virtual Classroom:

Full Length: 8 Hours X 2 Days/ 3 Hours X 5 Days + One Hour of Self Directed Work. ($2250 Nett) 

(Max 15 participants)

Compact:    8 Hours X 1 Day/  2.5 Hours X 3 Days + One Hour of Self Directed Work. ($1250 Nett)

(Max 15 participants)

Power Compact: 3 Hours Session / $450 Per session (Max 15 participants)