Participating Parents' Feedback:


"Excellent topics and information! Highly recommend this excellent and interactive workshop for all!" - Jashna

"John applied experience (and case studies) to all questions raised, now I am more aware in these areas for kids and teenagers. Definitely recommend this workshop!"- Ms Sawalani

"The points and notes are very informative and an eye-opener for me, who is a first time parent. I will defintely recommend this course to others"- Vanessa

"The trainer has brought up my "blind spots" which i failed to see previously. " Mrs Tay 


"The trainer is very patient and he tries to elaborate so that all can understand. And yes, definitely recommending this course to my friends."- Ms Wee

"John did a great job to explain the importance of knowing Self-Awareness. Definitely recommending this course. And great location too!" - Divine Chan

"I would be delighted to attend other courses conducted by John." -Ms Lara.

Online Parenting Workshop Parenting with 

Emotional Quotient and Innovation Quotient.

Dear Parents and Parents-to-be, please help us to answer these 3 questions:
1) I can always improve in my parenting skills- Yes/ No
2) I want to be relevant to my children in my parenting style and methods- Yes/No
3) I am more than willing to invest 2 hours for the sake of my children better well being- Yes/No

If all your answers are yes, this online workshop is for you.

The registration for this online workshop is free but you will be invited to a non-obligatory free-will giving at the end of the workshop if you find the workshop is helpful to you. The collection of the free-will giving is so that we can conduct more of such online workshops for parents.

This 2 hours highly interactive workshop aims to equip parents and potential parents with the two most important skills of the modern parenting era- Emotional Quotient and Innovation Quotient (mindset and skills).

In the peer-reviewed journal article Examining the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Performance (in any area), Swinburne researchers Danielle DeGuara and Con Stough state that:

‘Emotional recognition and expression (in oneself), emotional management and understanding emotions (of others) were positively related to the ability to be innovative and creative.’

Research has also shown that Children's learning is influenced by a range of social and emotional factors.
How well children do at school and in life is affected by
things such as:
- How confident children feel about themselves
- How effectively they are able to manage their behavior
- How well they can concentrate and organize themselves
- How effectively they can solve problems
- How positively they are able to get on well with others
- How effectively they take into account others' needs
- How well they can understand and accept

Our Aims and Objectives for this workshop (for both parents and children):
- To raise better Self-Awareness
- To develop better Self-Management
- To build the ability for Responsible Decision
- To instill Relationship Skills
- To inculcate Innovation (critical thinking and creative problem solving) mindset and skills


Participating Parents' Testimonials

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