Enhanced Design Thinking and Innovation 

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GRASP™ Enhanced Design Thinking incorporating Behavioural Insights and Lean Processing

GRASP is a revolutionary 3-in-1 ENHANCED DESIGN THINKING TECHNIQUE that incorporates Behavioural Insights and Lean Processing principles into one holistic solutioning framework.  It is an acronym for the five stages namely Ground sensing, Root cause, Authorities, Solutions and Prototype.  Thousands of users have applied GRASP successfully to overcome Personal, Family, Business, Community and Government issues.


We use GRASP™ Enhanced Design Thinking to help organisations

1. Delight Clients

2. Solve Problems Creatively

3. Develop Blue Oceans

Why GRASP works better than conventional design thinking

It delivers solutions that:

  • Are More Holistic = Reaps the benefits of Design Thinking, Behavioural Insights and Lean Processing in a single package. Multiplies your effectiveness.

  • Eliminate Persistent Issues at the Core = Deals directly with the root causes to help you secure enduring successes.

  • Are Resource-smart and Cost-effective = Teaches you when and how to get management's and stakeholders' buy-in early. Saves you time and money.

  • Make People Go "WOW" = Reveals the secrets and tips of generating fresh (sometimes radical) ideas for establishing new personal breakthroughs and market leadership.

  • Are Faster and More Nimble = Tells you exactly where you can cut time-wasting activities to achieve the results you need more quickly.