60/90/120 Minutes

Corporate Breakfast/Lunch/Tea time Talk

Building Your Success Series

  • What are 2020 Top 5 Skills and why

  • Building Self-Resilience 

  • Resilient Leader

  •  Why Emotional Intelligence is crucial in modern success

  •  How Social Media can help you or crush you

  •  Setting and Achieving Your Goals Effectively

  •  How to Excel in What You are Doing

  •  Ask the Right Question, Get the Right Answer

  •  How to Achieve Mindfulness in your work and life

  • The 3 Things that will determine Your Success in Life

  • The Power of Focus

  • The Key to Happiness

Parenting Series (for working Parents)

  •  Parenting with Social and Emotional Intelligence

  •  Raising Resilient Kids (G.R.I.T.)

  •  7 Effective Habits to Raise Successful Children

  •  Build Happiness, Not Busyness

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