Through this pandemic many have realised that online presentation will continue to be a very important tool for organisations and enterprises to not just only keep in connection with the market, but also using it to create branding and generate revenues. Regardless of which department one is from within a company, many of us have been put in the position to run or attend an online meeting or online presentation in one way or the other. And through these experiences especially during this pandemic, organisations, enterprises and staff have realised that a well-designed and delivered online webinar presentation can bring great results to meeting their KPIs and objectives. The ability to reach out to more people in the shorter time span, helping the company saving more time and cost, will also be something many organisations will continue to apply and engage in even after the pandemic. 


Hence, the skills to create a great webinar will definitely be an essential and strong attribute to possess to increase one's value in a company as an employee or in a business setting as an entrepreneur.

Creating a Great Webinar


Webinars are staples of modern business. Anyone can create a webinar and reap the rewards. When webinars are done well, they can increase your customer base and grow the knowledge of your brand. Webinars that are not done well can decrease the customer base and ruin your reputation. By following the advice in the course, you will understand the necessary steps to create a successful webinar. 

Workshop Objectives

Research has consistently demonstrated that when clear goals are associated with learning, it occurs more easily and rapidly. With that in mind, let’s review our goals for today. 

At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

·       Define webinars and their purpose

·       Choose the best formats

·       Prepare for webinars

·       Avoid common mistakes

·       Understand how to interact with the target audience

·       Follow up successfully

Target audience:

Anyone who needs to hold an online meeting session

Course Outline

Module One: What Can a Webinar Do?

Marketing to Prospective Customers

Training or Teaching

Demonstrations and Presentations

Information Sharing

Case Study

Module Two: Successful Webinar Criteria

Passion and Enthusiasm


Knowing Your Target Audience

Grab and Keep Attention

Case Study

Module Three: Find the Right Format

Tailor It to Your Audience


The Live Webinar

Two Person Team

Case Study

Module Four: Marketing and Social Media

Blog Posts and White Papers

Email Marketing

Offer An Exclusive Deal


Case Study

Module Five: Leading up to Your Webinar

Reminder Emails

Practice and Rehearse

Test Your Technology

Insert Solicited Questions

Case Study

Module Six: Drive Up Registration

Avoid Spam Filter

A Great Title

Solicit Questions

The Registration Page

Case Study

Module Seven: Presentation Tips

Show, Don’t Tell

Sharing Your Desktop

Strong Visuals

Script It

Case Study

Module Eight: Interacting with Your Audience

Polling and Surveys

Answer Solicited Questions


Q&A Sessions

Case Study

Module Nine: Mistakes to Avoid

Technical Issues

Ignoring Your Audience

Audience Not Participating?


Case Study

Module Ten: Post Event

Contact No Shows

Follow Up Emails

Call to Action

Make It Easy to Share

Case Study

Module Eleven: Wrapping Up

Words from the Wise

Review of Parking Lot

Lessons Learned

Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations

Virtual Classroom (Webinar):

8 Hours X 1 Day : $168 per head

Live Workshop: 1 Day

8 pax & above = SGD158/pax

4-7 pax = SGD 228/pax

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