Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the questions frequently asked by our potential clients. If your question is not in the list below, please feel free to email us at and we will reply soonest within 24 hours.

 01  How can your company achieve our goals?

This is a great question, which we love answering, especially when you or your company have a clearly defined set of learning objectives. Although many training companies (including ourselves) have off the shelf, ready to go courses, they may not, in themselves, enable you to achieve the learning outcomes you have identified in your training plan.

At Cutting Edge, we sit down with you, look at your training plan, including your organisational structure, wider goals and targets, succession planning, the lot – and we work with you to tailor make courses that meet your precise requirements. 


 02  Can we customise your courses and duration to our availability?

Yes we are always keen to hear you out so that the whole training journey can be planned and implemented in the most optimised way for your company and ours. 




 03  How