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E-NOVATETM Sales Training 

Grounded in behavioral science, our content has been specially designed to address the needs of both modern buyers and salespeople. The sales training curriculum we offer companies is underpinned by our relentless belief that a successful sales professional needs to be highly equipped in Emotional Intelligence and Innovation Quotient together with other appropriate critical business skills as peripherals in this modern era. At the end of the workshop, they will be able to identify their personal power, communicate with empathy, define clients' challenges, ideate sound and innovative solutions, establish real solutions (Closing) and ensure delivery and rapport are achieved in order to build a long-term trusting relationships and achieve greater success in their sales results.


  • Framework-Based. Our courses are developed on a framework-based methodology that gives learners the ability to shift their approach, in the real world to changing context.

  • Active and Blended Learning. We believe in active learning that blends interactive instruction with experiential learning elements, role-playing scenarios, practice cases, and self-directed modules  to anchor key concepts and make training stick.

  • Customization. We collaborate with you to customize training curriculum to your organization’s unique language and situation. Our framework-based methodology seamlessly flexes to and integrates into your defined sales and account management processes & systems making it easier for your learners to assimilate concepts and actualize them in the real world.

E-NOVATETM Sales Training is a comprehensive holistic approach course for sales professionals and account executives responsible for multi-call, complex sales cycles. It is designed to seamlessly integrate into your current sales system.


Course length may expand or contract depending on modules covered, and customization for you unique situation.

In-Classroom: For Core modules Two Full Days + Peripherals (depending on modules covered). The in-classroom course is focused more on experiential learning and includes exercises, role-plays, group break-outs, practice cases, and hands-on instructor coaching.

Virtual Classroom: Two Hours X 6 Days/ Three Hours X 4 Days/  One Hour X 12 Days Live Sessions + Two Hours of Self Directed Work. 


CORE 1 (1 DAY) (Identifying anda

Understand the brain science of emotions why and how they can derail or accomplish their best self

  • Understand own Emotional Intelligence via profiling based on 26 competencies analysis (with full set of reports)

  • Sales Focused Emotional Intelligence (Self Awareness, Self Organisation, Self Motivation and Resilience using Positive Psychology)

CORE 2  (1 DAY)

  • Understand and Apply various modern innovation skills

  • E-Novate 7 Steps Innovation Strategy

  • Hands-on solving real challenges

  • Team/ Self Presentation

  • Team/ Self Evaluation and Feedback

  • Summary


  • Effective Negotiation Skills 

  • How to Conquer Call Reluctance

  • How to Anticipate and Easily Eliminate Stalls and Objections

  • Selling Successfully When You're in Over Your Head

  • How to be Confident and Persuasive in Group Presentation and Puiblic Speaking

  • How to Zoom Out of a Selling Slump

  • How to Enjoy Happiness and Peace of Mind as a Professional Salesperson

  • The Zero-Resistance Experience: Eight Steps to Creating Your Own Zero-Resistance Selling Experience

  • How to Use The Power of Networking to Enhance Your Zero-Resistance Selling Experience


  • Participant Workbook

  • Self-Directed Video Based Modules

  • Access to the Sales Coaching Email for 3 Months

  • Coaching Guides for Sales Leaders

  • Four One-Hour, Post Course, Anchor Sessions with a Master Trainer in our Virtual Classroom

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In Live Classroom (Max 20 Participants) or Online (Max 50 Participants)

Core1and 2


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