2 Day Skillsfuture Online Business Course

(Learn to create and run a profitable Ecommerce Store)
Digital Workplace:
E-commerce Using Dropshipping Model and Shopify
(Hands-On Training)
(Synchronised Teaching Using Zoom)
Trainings will be recorded and made available for participants
to view and revise for 3 months. And participants can re-attend
our physical class (when resumed) for 1X FREE

2022 Course Dates:
We have weekdays and weekend classes for you to choose from. Please indicate your interest in the registration form below and we will contact you soonest.  (Course duration: 2 Days, 9.30am to 5.30pm)
Course Fee: $500
2 Day Training 9.30am- 5.30pm
Grants Available:
100% Claimable under Skillsfuture Credits ($500 credits is available to Singaporeans aged 25 and above)
This course is also UTAP eligible. All NTUC members (PRs and foreigners with workpass can apply) can claim up to *50% for this course.

Who should attend this course?

Anyone who has keen interest in adding skills set and value in their workplace and resume, embarking on a career or business related to E-Commerce using Shopify and automation.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
- Understand and manage Ecommerce using a Shopify Shop 
- Understand and Operate Dropshipping Ecommerce Model
- Conduct Niche & Product Selection
- Find trustworthy suppliers for your products
- Setup a fully functional & optimized Shopify store
- Understand and run effective facebook marketing campaigns with strategies
- Automate their eCommerce business

Shopify & Dropshipping Training

Participants will learn to create an ecommerce website using the Shopify platform. This ecommerce training will also introduce you to dropshipping and learn how to integrate Oberlo and AliExpress to your Shopify store.

What is Shopify

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that allows you to set up an online store to sell your products.


What is Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business model where you run a store without holding any product inventory. With dropshipping, you don’t buy products up-front to keep an inventory while you wait for sales to come in. Instead, you only buy products when you make sales. You also don’t have to worry about product shipping, storing or packaging. When a store owner receives an order from a customer, they contact the supplier, who will then ship the products directly to the customer’s door.

What is AliExpress

AliExpress is an online retail service based in China, where customers can buy products directly from Chinese wholesalers and manufacturers. Participants will learn to source products from this platform to sell on Shopify.

What is Oberlo

Oberlo is a platform that gives you access to various suppliers on AliExpress. Participants will learn to use Oberlo to source products and add it to Shopify online store easily.

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Course Fee $500

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Hear what our past participants have to say

"It has been quite a comprehensive and interactive 2 days training with dedicated and experienced trainers John and James. I'm greatly motivated to put what I have learned to jump start my this exciting e-commerce journey! Thanks for sharing all the useful tips and all the best practices to quicken our learning, greatly appreciated that! I highly recommend this courses to everyone who likes to kick start your e-commerce journey to sign up for this course with John." - Yap Hoeh Lee

"Great course delivered by the instructors! Besides covering content knowledge, the tips and experience shared by John value-added to the course which helps to kickstart my journey into dropshipping. Would totally recommend this to anyone interested even those who are new to Ecommerce."- JY Sim

"Hi My name is Winnie Sim, before I attended the Shopify Program conducted by John Amos, I wasn't sure how to go about doing it. But after the course I learn a lot of knowlegde and also professional tips how to own an effective and profitable online business.

I will definitely recommend this course to all my friends who want to set up their own online business."

Winnie Sim

"Before I attended this course, I was not familiar with e-commerce online business. 

After attending this course, I am more aware of what is online business which it seems not so difficult to understand.

What I like best about the this course is that it gives me another avenue of having a passive income." 

WL Chua

The best thing about this course is I am able to learn online marketing skills, how to start an online business and how to use app to manage my own store altogether! 

Thanks a lot to John for being very patient to us and guided us step by step and helped us setting up our online store. 

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to embark on an online business journey even though they are not tech savvy.

Chong XJ 


1 Hour recorded course preview is available if you want to get more insights on what this 2 day course is about. 

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Drop-shipping eCommerce using Shopify
Overview of the eCommerce Landscape
Differences between DropShipping & Selling in MarketPlaces

Module 2: Product Research and Selection
What is a potential winning product
Niche vs General
Research Strategies
Finding Innovative and Trendy Products 

Module 3: Setting up your Shopify Dropshipping Store
What is Shopify?
The advantages of using Shopify
Setting up and understand the front end (Design, theme, layout etc.)

and backend (Payments, Checkouts, Shipping etc.) of your online store.

Module 4: Introduction to Dropshipping Automation Plugins
Oberlo and Spocket
Live Demonstration on how Oberlo and Spocket Work
Step by Step Setting up Oberlo & Spocket Linking to your Shopify

Drop-shipping Store
Pricing Strategies
Step by Step Demonstration How to Add Products to Oberlo
Editing Product Variants in Oberlo
Importing Products to Shopify

Module 5: Effective Facebook Marketing
Introduction to Facebook Advertising
Step-by-Step Setting up Your Facebook Business Page
Step-by-Step Setting Up Your Facebook Ads Manager
Step-by-Step understanding and hands-on on Facebook Marketing Sections (Campaign, Ad Set and Ads)
Introduction to Human Behavioural Centric Marketing Strategies
Detailed Ad Targeting using Critical Thinking
Ad Budgeting Strategies
Facebook Ads Research and Implementation
Creating your first Facebook Ad
Identifying Your STAR Advert

Module 6: Bonus eCommerce Content
Print-on-Demand Businesses

* Note for all NTUC members


Do I need to fulfil any criteria to be eligible for UTAP funding?

a) Maintained paid-up NTUC membership throughout the whole course duration and at the point of claim;

b) Course by training provider must be supported under UTAP and training must commence within the supported period

c) The course must not be fully sponsored by the company or other types of funding

d) *Unfunded course fee must be S$20.00 and above; and

e) Member must achieve a minimum of 75% attendance for each application and sat for all prescribed examination(s) if any

f) UTAP application must be submitted within 6 months after course completion

How do I become NTUC Member?