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The book that will transform your business and salesforce

Today’s marketing environment is complex; the market is competitive,

technology is making alternatives and low-distribution methods possible,

product life-cycles are accelerating, and customers are becoming less loyal and more sophisticated while becoming more demanding. The nature of buyer-seller exchanges and account management has shifted from a

simplistic production-and-sales perspective to a more complex role of

partnering with customers. Competing in this environment requires firms to

possess the best group of salespeople. Good salespeople continue to

have value in firms in generating sales and building strong, loyal customer

relationships. Salespeople play a key role not only in customer relationship

management but also in understanding, creating, communicating and

delivering values to customers, which increases the sales performance of

the firm. Therefore, not surprisingly, for decades, sales management

researchers have invested time in studying determinants of salesperson

performance. Researchers agree that self and role perception, innovative

aptitude, skill level and motivation level are the main determinants of salesperson performance.


The Two Most Mentioned Future Competencies by the Experts:

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Innovation Skills (INQ)

According to the World Economic Forum’s “2022 Skills Outlook” and “Future of Jobs Research” reports, Emotional Intelligence and Innovation Skills are listed as the TOP 5 skills needed to be successful in any organisations. And in 2019 and 2020, LinkedIn used their extensive data set to identify the skills that companies need most, Emotional Intelligence and Innovation Skills were both highlighted as the top 5 skills.


EQ and INQ are not only technical skills, they are also a set of attitudes. In my many years of training for SMEs and MNCs, these two attributes always stood out when the participants were invited to share what were the attributes that are evident in the people that they looked up to the most. 


In this e-book, on top of keeping you aware of the vital statistics on

sales strategies and sales training that you need to know as a sales

professional or a business owner, this game changer ebook will also show

you why “Emotional Quotient and Innovation Quotient (E-NOVATE)” are the

two most critical skills you need to see success in your business and your team!

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