Win It With Your Customer Service

A customer focus puts your customers at the top of your priorities list. When you put your customers into the heart of your business, you make customers part of your service culture. This is a core concept in this high energy workshop. Participants will become more flexible and inspirational communicators able to engage customers and to deliver World Class customer care with energy and commitment. 

Workshop Objectives

By the end of this training course participants will be able to:

-  Explain how their role is instrumental in creating a high performance customer focused


-  Realign their thinking about customer complaints.

-  Describe the opportunity that exists to develop increased lifetime value from even the most

   challenging customer situations.

-  State the attitudes, skills, and knowledge required to be a professional customer care


-  Explain the importance of measuring and benchmarking service and the value of a lost


-  Create stronger connections with customers. 

-  Explain the basics of customer psychology, rapport building, and adapting their

   communication styles for positive customer interactions.

Target audience:
All Sales and Customer Service Professionals 

Course Outline

Module 1: What Do Customers Want?

-  Customers today

-  What customers want

-  Logic vs. emotion    

-  Winning customers’ hearts           

-  Customers want CASH


Module 2: This Thing Called Loyalty

-  Defining a lifetime customer

-  Loyalty drivers

-  Plus one's

-  Why customers leave and the cost of losing a customer


Module 3: Measuring Customer Satisfaction

-  Methods of collecting customer feedback 

-  What is Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

-  Rate my NPS activity


Module 4: Having the Right Skills and Attitude

-  Attitude, skills and knowledge

-  Characteristics of high performing service providers

-  Strategies for building rapport


Module 5: Value of a Complaint

-  A complaint is a gift             

-  Ground rules for receiving a complaint 

-  Hot buttons and forbidden words


Module 6: Customer Service Techniques

-  Seven diffusing techniques           

-  Disengaging

-  Face saving out 

-  Not taking the bait

-  Offering choices/empowering customers

1 Day Live Workshop

$2500 (Max 15 participants)

Client's premises

1 Day Virtual Classroom:

$2500 (Max 15 participants)